Where’s the heads-up, Jesus?

Originally posted on Facebook 3/30/20

The other night, I was wrestling with some things — ways I had stepped toward God that seemed to have led to nothing — and God hit me with something fresh about the times the disciples found themselves on the sea in the midst of the storm.

I won’t be able to capture it here, but while Jesus could have said, “hey, heads up: there will be a storm, but we will be okay,” he didn’t. He didn’t give them any heads up, any reassurance. In fact, one time he went and took a nap.

He left the disciples to sail themselves straight into a deadly storm.

But he hadn’t left them. Whether napping in the boat or watching from afar and then walking by, He was with them. He was always with them.

What he wanted from them was to trust him. To walk and sail in faith, not toward a destination or task, but with him. If he were to have given them a heads up, then they may have sailed towards comfort and security, not solely him.

The goal wasn’t even for them to live through the storm — though they did — but to learn to fully trust and know Jesus in the midst.

We have many questions in this time: will we pursue answers and reassurances, or will we pursue only Jesus?


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