“Come Unity”

The wide ranging views of my church-going friends shows me both the pain of incredible disconnection and separation, and the reality that there is a collective hurting and longing.

The problem is, our eyes are looking toward so many things, our hearts for such vastly varying outcomes, that we as the Church are incapable of being the Body.

We are first and foremost children of God, ambassadors of Christ, and citizens of a new Kingdom. We like to say that in our spiritual gatherings, but in our every day lives we are children of our political parties, ambassadors of our opinions, and citizens of a broken earthly Kingdom.

Where is our identity? Where is our allegiance? What is our motive?

But don’t be fooled: we have a long history of using that reality to silence arguments that oppose our views. We say “we must not get caught up in this earthly kingdom” to keep us from living out equally important commands: to do justly, to stand against oppression, to stand with the oppressed.

We must be unified under the authority and love of God, while also sacrificially pursuing full life for all who are made in the image of God.

In other words: Love God and Love others.

Church: if it is not clear, the enemy has successfully divided us. What we forget, though, is that he already lost the war. No matter how broken our relationships, the Spirit can bring restoration and unity.

If we will only say “Come Unity” instead of simply pursuing our safe forms of “community.” If we will only prioritize “Seek first the Kingdom”, trusting that He will not neglect the rest. If we will only live out the example of Christ to so many who were oppressed, wounded, neglected, forgotten, silenced, not for “social justice”, but because we claim to be “Christ followers.”

If we will only confess that we can’t — and shouldn’t — attempt this from/through/for ourselves: we need the Spirit.

I know too many who do not trust the Church right now, because we have dropped the ball across the board over and over. I know too many who do not trust God because we have claimed to speak for Him into their situations while speaking from ourselves.

We must repent of this, and we must begin — today — living out what scripture so clearly calls us to.

Note: “Come Unity” comes from a prophetic word to East End Fellowship, in Richmond, VA, emphasizing that God was calling for more than just gathering together; the Body needed to invite the Holy Spirit to bring Unity… “Come Unity”!


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2 thoughts on ““Come Unity”

  1. Come Unity shows wisdom people need… simply written. Christs words came to us simply and to the point. yesterday, today and tomorrow

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