Let in the fresh air

Originally posted on Facebook 10/24/2018

Hear the story here.

I wanted to share a story from my visit with Sunodía Prayer Counseling:

This summer, I felt like God wanted me to ask Jessie Mejias to pray for me at East End Fellowship around identity and a hard situation. As she prayed, she saw an image of me being in a room, but instead of me leaving the room, God said the windows needed to be opened so fresh air could come in.

As I sat with Jessie today, and we talked about burdens, she asked me to visualize a burden; I immediately remembered the image of the room, and imagined the burden as thick, humid, oppressive air that made it hard to breath. She asked me to ask God what it could look like to remove the burden.

My first thought was that I needed to open the windows to get the bad air out. I immediately laughed. I couldn’t say it; instead, God emphasized these words: “Let the fresh air in.

I laughed because, as I recorded for Where did you see God? Podcast today, God had used scripture to show me ways I wasn’t trusting Him, wasn’t letting in his illogical joy.

I — and lets be honest, all of us — too often live as though the goal is to get rid of the bad air so we can breath. Yet, the most powerful God moments in my life weren’t the removal of the bad, but the presence of the Good.

I have felt closest to God even when the bad not only remained, but got worse.

Focusing on getting the bad air out of the room has been futile. Meanwhile, the Spirit is tapping on the window, saying “Let me in.”

Being joyful and content isn’t the end result of eliminating the bad; it is the active choice to affirm God’s sovereignty over even the worst of situations. God let me breathe some of that fresh air the weeks after I lost the job. The current hard season has allowed me to see the disparity between that, and the oppressive heaviness of dwelling on wounds or injustices or the future. I can choose to remain in the bad air, or I can choose to take God at His word and simply let Him in. I can’t eliminate or ignore the bad air, but I can choose to focus so intently on the fresh air I realize the bad air can’t compete.

Someone out there is sitting in a room full of thick, humid air, and no amount of fans has cleared it out. Know that God is bigger than any situation, and stands at the window and knocks. You don’t have to solve anything, you just have to choose to open the window.

Hear the story here.


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